Pricing, Deals & Prepaid Subscription Packages

***Heavenly 11 Deal:  Buy 10 meals for the week, get 1 FREE!


Applies to regular meals only, raw vegan options and modifications are an additional charge. 

Hi-five Prepaid Package

(20 meals per month for a total of 4 weeks)

5 meals at 72/week when prepaid + up charge for certain meals, gluten free, or additional items

(plus tax)

 Perfect 10 Package

(44 meals per month for a total of 4 weeks)
(Buy 10 meals get one free at 155.00 for the week, + up charge for certain meals, gluten free, or additional items)

(plus tax)

All meals must be ordered within the same month. If you plan to miss a week of meals, you will have one make up week.  If at some point we take a week off, we will honor a make up week. All subscription sales are final.

*10% off for new clients  (offer valid on 5 meals minimum purchase)

***This cannot be combined with any other offer

*Refer a new client for weekly meal prep, get one FREE meal

*Buy 10 REGULAR meals get one meal, dessert or snack for free  

*Gluten free charges (2.50), raw vegan (prices vary) and meal modification (2.00/per modification), adding a protein (3.75) charges are added on weekly with all subscriptions.  You may prepay for these and credit will be given for any unused portion of the prepay towards next order. 

*All sales are final due to the nature of the meal prep service.  We must prepay for items purchased to order.


Regular menu: 13.95+

Raw Vegan: 17.95+ (varies)

Custom Meals: 20-25 (*plus fees / see details below)

Snacks: (Pricing varies) 9-20

Desserts: (Pricing varies) 5-13

Dressings 8 or 16oz: 9/14

Nach-yo Cheese Sauce 9 or 16oz: 9/14

Add a Protein: 3.75

Delivery: *15 (Deliveries over 13-18 miles + 5.00, +5.00 for each additional 5 miles)

One time container charge: 10

Family Sized Meals: 56.00 feeds 4

Whole Quiche: 47.50

(Plus Tax)

*Preferred minimum purchase is 5 meals.

*All sales of weekly meals, cleanses or in-store purchases are final. 

Credit will be given for any unused prepaid amounts 

or may be transferred to another person.

*There is a 20% up charge for custom orders.  Grocery fees will be added to the order total.

Contact me for a quote for catering, vegan cakes for special occasions, and any special requests such as meal modifications, and family sized meals!