You may request the following preferences with every order:

  • Oil-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free

The Heavenly Vegan is a company that strives to produce the most delicious, high quality custom made food that everyone can eat! I have also been known for converting non-vegans to a vegan diet, so watch out meat lovers, you might go vegan if you try my meals :)!  I know what it is like to have many dietary restrictions, and I love to help people enjoy healthy food in a new way!  

100% NON-GMO Vegan Food For All!

The Heavenly Vegan is Las Vegas' premiere vegan meals delivery and pick up service!

Vegan because we care about:​

  1. ​Animals
  2. Environment
  3. Ours and Your Health

Hello there!  My name is Maximina Santi, "The Heavenly Vegan".  My passion is to create gourmet style healthy vegan food that you will love and that will help you to achieve your health goals.  I cater to all diets and only use NON-GMO and organic produce when availabe, which is almost always.

The Heavenly Vegan is a company started by my husband Nathan and myself.  Several years ago, we started to become more conscious about the food we wanted to put into our bodies.  It started out as a gradual switch to all organic produce then a raw vegan diet.  Monumental shift occurred once we started watching documentaries revealing the truth behind factory farming, the abuse of animals, and harm to the planet it causes.  As an animal lover, I have never been ok with the consumption of animal products.  It always left me feeling terrible when I thought about what the animals had to endure for human pleasure.  In addition to our passion and love for animals, watching many documentaries solidified our decisions to become vegan for life! We hope that you will as well!

In December of 2017, I became a graduate eCornell's Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Program. The main objective of this research was how to help reverse disease by adopting a whole foods plant based diet.