Here we are after the rain and hail, after VegFest ended, still selling our last taco.  Thank you all who attended and supported us!  We sold out of tacos and were humbled by the rumor that we had the best food at VegFest, lol, that made my day!

Dr. Klapper and I

Photo by Stacey Feeney

The Heavenly Vegan Life

I am looking forward to our continued involvement in creating meal plans in collaboration with various doctors and health related facilities in Las Vegas, to provide healthy vegan meals to assist you in your healing life journey!  Please contact us for questions about demos for your events, custom weekly meals, and any other questions you may have on how we can get involved with spreading the awareness of the benefits of a whole foods, plant based & raw vegan diet!

Photo by Stacey Feeney

Hello world!  It has been quite the journey to arrive at my true calling in life!  Thank you for stopping in to be a part of my Heavenly Vegan Life as I begin my first blog ever!  

So I begin by sharing where I was several years ago...

I was a CCSD teacher for 14 years, finished my Master's degree in curriclum and instruction, taught art up to 12th grade, then spent 7 years teaching 2nd grade.  

Those years were priceless but I was beginning to realize that I was made for more creative things!  Now I have time to do my favorite thing which is to prepare gourmet vegan cuisine!

So, I prayed, "God please open a door for me to do what I am passionate about!"  Be careful for what you pray for, you might just get it! LOL!  

A few weeks later, I get a call for an offer to work as a personal chef for a celebrity couple. Next, I decided to leave my teaching career and start up a meal prep company to follow my dream!

​I began to make weekly meals for friends and family under the name "Manna from Heaven" which was a name I thought was suitable but then realized this would turn into more than just a weekly vegan meals business and established my first LLC as "The Heavenly Vegan".  

Opportunity continued as I was getting calls from various celebrities to cater or make them a week's worth of weekly vegan meals.  There was a huge interest in our food as friends and family, and friends on facebook, and friends of friends began ordering on a regular basis.

Our mission is to create delicious healing foods that not only benefit you, but also the planet, and the animals!  We strive to continue to offer foods that vegans and non-vegans alike will love!

This year has been eventful after the soft launch of "The Heavenly Vegan" at Vegas' first ever VegFest!  Next, was providing food for the opening of Cardio Barre Las Vegas and the stars of "Days of Our Lives"

Spring of 2016, I was asked to be one of the chefs aboard the beautiful Italian ship, "The MSC Divina" for "The Holistic Holiday at Sea".  This was super exciting as I was working on getting my certificate in plant based nutrition from eCornell University.  I was able to meet Dr. Klapper, and my biggest hero in the plant based movement Dr. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study and many other exceptional plant based doctors. 

Photo by Stacey Feeney

Dr. Colin Campbel and I

Photo by Stacey Feeney

                                                        Photo by Stacey Feeney