Week of February 25, 2019

We are so excited to announce that we will have our first brick and mortar! The official date & location is approaching very quickly!  The Heavenly Vegan is bringing HEALTHY VEGAN FAST FOOD to our Vegas storefront!  See our new deals below to kick off the celebration!

GF-gluten-free  OF-oil-free  SF-soy-free

Try our new portion control meal packages! Scroll down to the "DEALS" section to read how it works!​

1. Banh Mi Salad Bowl (Banh Mi) Client Favorite!
Banh mi glazed tofu, grilled eggplant, carrots, daikon radish, cabbage, Jalapeño, basil & herb blend & sriracha-lime cream dressing-GF   

2. Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili (Chili) Client Favorite!
Slow cooked black bean & sweet potato chili garnished with pico de gallo & sour cream over quinoa

3. Loaded Potato "bacon" Soup (Soup) Client Favorite!

Creamy, smoky potato soup with tempeh "bacon" bits, sour cream & chives-Cashew Based/GF

4.  Pasta Arrabiatta (Pasta)Client Favorite!

Moderately spicy tomato based sauce tossed with pasta & topped with our high protein house-made seed-based mock sausage, "raw"mesan, & fresh parsley-SF/GF Option  

5. Wafflewich Burger (Burger) CheatMealAlert! Client Favorite with new ingredients!

Vegan waffle burger with vegan provolone, spinach, tomato, onion & secret sauce with a side salad-GF Option

Raw Vegan

6. Blueberry Banana Cream Overnight Chia Oats with Granola (Chia) New!
Oats and chia mixed with coconut cream, almond milk, banana & bluberries topped with superfood toppings, hemp hearts, cacao nibs & coconut-GF/SF/OF

7. Cauliflower & Parsnip Un-fried Veggie Rice with Sprouts & Almonds (Raw Rice)-GF/SF

Your referrals are greatly appreciated!  Get one free meal for every person who you refer!  Gift certificates are available anytime via email in any denomination!  You also get one free meal for purchasing a gift certificate!

*Just a reminder, if you'd like to add extra protein to any meal you may do so for an extra $3.50.

Add ons:

  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • toasted cashews
  • almonds
  • vegan sausage (not GF)


Early pick-up this week is TBA.

Regular Pickup is between 5:30-5:45 & 7:55-8:05PM SUNDAY or 9:00-9:30AM Monday.  Delivery is between 5:30-8:30PM Sunday.  Please feel free to ask me for an alternate pickup or delivery time if these times do not work for you. We are flexible!

The Heavenly Vegan prepares 100% vegan meals using produce and products that are non-gmo, organic as available & often locally sourced.  Most items are oil-free. We are always striving to create the healthiest vegan selections for your daily nutritional needs. We specialize in creating balanced & custom weekly vegan meals, catering to individuals with special diets, and using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. 

*(Please note, most items are gluten free or have gluten free options.  Please indicate in your order whether you would like a lettuce wrap, gluten free tortilla, or other gluten free substitution). 

Sincerely, Chef Maximina

Contact via email, Facebook private message, or send a text to 702.277.9235

We also offer fit meals!  Make your meals higher in lean vegan protein by adding tofu steak, tempeh bacon, quinoa, nuts, seeds or lentils.  

*Add $1.50 for special off menu items, requests for meal modifications not offered on the regular menu, and gluten free substitutions.  

 *Add extra protein to make a "fit-meal" by adding tofu "steak" or tempeh bacon to any meal for just $3.50 extra.  This is a great option for the highly active & body builders.  



Portion Control Meal Package

*NEW Year Special Offer, Expires March 31, 2019

Cost: $55.50+tax

Comes with:

-6 of the weekly meals, half the size of the regular meals, perfectly portioned to help you meet your fitness goals.

-Each meal comes to only $9.25.


Prepaid Subscription Packages

Regular Meals Only, Ongoing Offer

🌱One month 5% off  (10.79/meal)

🌱 🌱 🌱Three months 10% off  (10.22/meal)

🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 Six months 15% off (9.65/meal)

(plus tax)

This discount applies to our buy 10 meals get one free special! 

All meals must be ordered within the same month.  If you plan to miss a week, meals must be added to previous or subsequent orders within the same month.  If at some point we take a week off, we will honor a make up week.

*10% off for new clients & half off delivery​ (offer valid on regular priced meals only)
*Refer a new client get one FREE meal

*Buy 10 REGULAR meals get one meal, dessert or snack for free! 


How it works:

The menu goes live Monday
Orders must be placed by Wednesday at 12pm 
Delivery or pickup is available Sunday TBA (Special arrangements can be made if Sunday does not work)

How to order:

Please choose one of three ordering options:

Text: 702.277.9235
Facebook: Visit my business page and private message me at The Heavenly Vegan 



Regular menu: 12 .50

Raw Vegan: 13.50

Fit Meals & Custom Meals: 16.50

Snacks: (Pricing varies) 8-20

Desserts: (Pricing varies) 5-13

Dressings 8 or 16oz: 8/10

Nach-yo Cheese Sauce 8 or 16oz: 5/10

Add a Protein: 3.50

Delivery: 15

One time container charge: 10

Container fee for part time clients: 5

Family Sized Meals: 46.50 feeds 4

Whole Quiche: 46.50

Pies: Regular 35/GF: 45

(Plus Tax)


*Minimum purchase is 5 meals.

*There is a 20% charge for custom orders.  Grocery fees will be added to the order total.


Contact me for a quote for catering, vegan cakes for special occasions, and any special requests such as meal modifications, and family sized meals!


Thank you for your continued loyalty and endless referrals!